History, and the White Mirin in Nagareyama

History, and the White Mirin in Nagareyama

Nagareyama is the head of a group of towns in Chiba prefecture that includes stains, kashiwa and Matsudo. It used to be a single city and a major trading center in Edogawa.

Nagareyama City is a major producer of white mirin, which has been a staple in Japanese cuisine since ancient times. They sent it via a ship that also served as Mirin’s Warehouse.

The hallmark of this city is the peaceful and walkable old town. This walk will make a strong sense of local community and pride in its history. It’s worth taking a day trip from Tokyo here to visit the various cultures and neighboring cities.

History the White Mirin in Nagareyama

Nagareyama, a charming town in Chiba that is a pleasure to walk through for a few hours. It would be very nice if you could linger in the city.

On a tour, you can go on foot with some very informative volunteer guides. If the city closest to the stain is known as the Soy Sauce City, then in Nagerayama it is famous for the birthplace of the white mirin,

Mirin is a kind of sweet Japanese sake and is commonly used as a spice in cooking. It used to be popular with Nagareyama women as a sweet alcoholic drink. In fact, Nagareyama is where white mirin was first brewed in 1814.

There are many buildings with signs showing past sights at proper intersections along the route. There are graves along the route, statues of gods and goddesses and shrines such as the Akagi Shrine.

Akagi Shrine, according to legend, was named after a nearby mountain that could move from Gunma prefecture. There is also a large hand-spun rope hanging from the entrance. The rope is arguably one of the largest hand spun ropes in Japan which is remade every year by the locals.

Dietary Excellence at a Local Bistro

A walk through Nagerayama will surely leave you hungry and ready for lunch. There are a number of great food options in the city, but Bistro EIZEN could be a place to recommend.

Bistro Eizen stands out not only from its interior and decoration. But also because the menu is designed and prepared by the officially licensed Nutritionist at Midori Kouno. The menu is all balanced, unprocessed whole foods that are handcrafted, made with love and beautifully presented.

The food at EIZEN is made with a little salt composition and is suitable for diet menus. The food is mostly Japanese blend and generally like Hamburg(Breadless Burger. In some kind of sauce, with side dishes.

After lunch you will be reluctant to leave Nagereyama. Of course you want to feel more of the historical significance that has settled in the city for a long time. Nagareyama and its neighboring cities are great options for day trips (or two or three days) from Tokyo.

How to Get to Nagareyama by Train

There are several ways you can go to Nagareyama. If you like driving then Nagareyama can’t be easy for you to go by driving. There are better ways and one of them is the Railroad. Here are some routes that lead directly to Nagareyama:

  • Akihabara Station (Tsukuba Express) – Nagareyama Ootakanomori Station – Keisei Bus/Tobu Bus: 40-50 minutes
  • Akihabara Station (Tsukuba Express) – Nagareyama-Centralpark Station – Nagareyama Honcho (by foot): 40-50 minutes
  • Ueno Station (Hibiya Line) – Kita-senju Station (Chiyoda Line/Joban Line)- Mabashi Station (Ryutetsu Nagareyama Line): 50 minutes.

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